About Breeze & Shirakawa Memorial Hall

Thank you for visiting us. Greeting as the founder.


The Memorial Hall was founded by Breeze Co., Ltd. & Shirakawa and opened on May 10, 2023.
Breeze Co., Ltd is a Company whose main business is the maintenance of hotel guest rooms.
Due to the increase in the number of foreigners visiting Japan, the number of hotels have increased and we have expanded our business. We decided to support the memorial hall rooted in the local community as a contribution to the community.


The purpose of the memorial hall is to provide a place for local residents to relax and we hope that foreigners will also be able to casually enjoy the Japanese garden, Nishikigoi in a pond and Japanese tea in the tea room.
We decided to establish the foundation as a contribution to the local community of Breeze Co., Ltd together with us.
Breeze was established in April 1999 by us as a company specializing in hotel bed making.


We will continue to strive for better management, so we hope that the memorial hall will be patronized by everyone.


The world of Hitone Noma
On the 1st floor, ”The world of Hitone Noma” is exhibited.
Originally from Yoshimi-cho(Oshima), Imabari city in the Seto Inland Sea, there is a full fledged art collection and exhibition at the Yoshimi-cho Folk Culture Center. I have loved this artisit’s paintings since I was young and would like to see them appreciated more. This painter’s paintings make the viewer aware of their deep impression.

Baccarat and Royal Copenhagen
On the 2nd floor, “Baccarat” and “Royal Copenhagen” are exhibited.
I started collecting Baccarat because the height of the word of the creator Georges Chevalier was amazing.
Copenhagen’s collected started from Year plates.

Japanese clay dolls
On the 3rd floor, “Japanese clay dolls” are exhibited. When I was a young office worker I worked at a factory in Niigata and was fascinated by the clay dolls of the Tohoku region.

I look forward to continuing and improving my collection.

Director, Chieko Shirakawa